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Unique Webshop Solutions

We create unique webshops for our customers

As our customers are all different, they need unique solutions. Thanks to Orloff’s flexible order system, individual companies have access to precisely the set-up that best matches their particular needs and which is easiest for their employees to navigate.

By setting up different employee groups and product categories, the company’s clothing supervisor can, for example, define which products individual employees can choose. The supervisor can also decide whether or not employees are to be able to see prices, and whether they are allowed to buy for more than their allocated point total – if they pay the difference themselves.

Companies can have product pictures uploaded of the product range they have chosen so employees can see the clothes with the company logo. Moreover, companies can write comments to their employees about the upcoming selection of work clothes.

The system can also be adapted if responsibility for ordering work clothes rests with the clothing supervisor, rather than with the individual employee. With an administrator login, the clothing supervisor can order clothes for employees in a single process and see the big picture at all times, given that all employee details have been entered into the system with their names and individual sizes.

No matter which option the company chooses to use, the administrator can track the orders continuously, so there are never any doubts about how far Orloff Firmatøj has progressed through the process, or when delivery of the order can be expected.As a third option, it is even possible to allow the individual employees to place their own orders, but have the administrator approve all outstanding orders before they continue through the system. 

Employees order work clothes online

In order to ensure the greatest degree of flexibility, the order system has been built up as a login-based webshop. Employees can simply log in and order their work clothes on the basis of the range the clothing supervisor at the company has decided to offer each group of employees.
This means that employees can surf through the selected range, look at product pictures showing the clothes in all available colours, and read product descriptions that detail the unique properties and functions of the garments.

In contrast to standard webshops, employees ‘pay’ with points, a specific sum on an account, or on the basis of a given number of items defined by the company in question. If, for example, the user account is set up for payment with points, all the products in the available range will be presented with a set number of points, which will be withdrawn from the user’s account when he/she places the product in the shopping basket and enters an order. This allows employees to keep track of how much credit they have left to buy for at all times.

Delivery as the company requests

We deliver to the company’s main address or to several of its subsidiary departments – depending on the customer’s preference.
If the delivery address is always the same for all employees, this is naturally presented from the start; but if employees can choose between multiple subsidiary departments, they will be given a list of possible addresses to choose from.
The system also allows customers to enter another address so employees can have clothes delivered to their home, for example. Finally, it is naturally always possible to pick up orders from an Orloff Workwear Store.


The webshop features links to size charts for our different suppliers, so employees can quickly and easily find the size that suits them.
There are also links to catalogues from our suppliers and contact details for Orloff Firmatøj.

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